The Story of a Garden

Gardens evolve over time as plants grow and families change. Intriguing Landscapes is often called in to rejuvenate a landscape and this is just one example.



At this custom home overlooking Lake Ontario, the landscape had some challenges. The putting green lawn was diseased, some of the plants were overgrown and the established boxwood hedge restricted access between the pool and lawn areas. The wooden structures, fencing and gates were rotting and needed replacing. A plan was developed to address all the items and complete the work in time for a family wedding.



We consulted with a golf course superintendent and specialized material suppliers to bring the lawn back to peak condition. To minimize the impact on the clients and the public using the waterfront park area, we did the bulk of the stone and carpentry work at our shop located nearby. Restricted access meant a majority of the work was done by hand rather than machine.



The clients were pleased with the result and the wedding weekend was a success. The lawn has recovered well, the gardens are thriving, and the space functions more effectively for our clients. To see more photographs of the completed rejuvenation, click on the button below.